Because Christ has Risen, so have We.

Oh, the tenacity of life, pushing up against the dirt, debris and challenges of this journey on earth. None of us gets through this life unscathed. Who hasn’t wondered if there will be life on the other side of their greatest challenge? 

Easter reminds us of the sheer force of God’s power to break open a slab rolled in front of a roughhewn tomb and say, “life wins” and “God wins.” Because Christ has risen, so have we.

God breathes incredible, vital power into this earth and each of us. Power to break through the thickest barriers. Power to find our way through the deepest valleys. Strength to meet cracked hearts and dry souls with the fresh water and life of a God of resurrection power.

This Easter season, may you remember the green bud that will not be contained or kept down. Remember the sound of the ground cracking open as new life appears. 

That life is in you. God’s life is for you. 

Because Christ has risen, so have we.

Shared by Reverend Dr. Elise Brown

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  1. Thank you for this beautiful reminder; that Christ shows how we can break through barriers to grow and even blossom into a glorious new life. Amen!

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