Inspiration Room

Looking for some more inspiration this Lenten Season, here are some places to go….


Happier Podcast by Gretchen Rubin
This is a podcast that really focuses on strategies and ideas to having a happier life. Gretchen has written many books, but I am most looking forward to her new book coming out in March, “Outer Order, Inner Calm.” I have been trying some of her strategies and the process is more meaningful to me that some of the Marie Kondo work.

Cultivating Place by Jennifer Jewel
When I really need to slow down, I listen to this podcast and I am also inspired by Jennifer’s monthly newsletter. It may be about gardening, a little bit of history and such and such, but I am inspired by the people she interviews. They are defining the places in this country where we can escape to with conservation and saving the world by protecting bees, among other things… She lives very close to some of the devastating fires that happened this year in California and her coverage of the people, changed landscapes, and recovery went well beyond the common news sources.

The Thrive Global Podcast with Arianna Huffington
Arianna interviews people like Katie Couric on overcoming anxiety, Hoda Kotb on her journey to motherhood, and so many others.