An Invitation to Connect Further

We wanted to reach out to you this Saturday to invite you to participate in our virtual Women’s Retreat 2020 the first weekend in March. Marble Women’s Ministry Annual Retreat Goes Online! Join us for our annual retreat as we gather virtually around the theme “We Were Made for More: Hope More. Trust More. ActContinue reading “An Invitation to Connect Further”


Weather not always balmy obstacles appear amid swirling wind and storms former experiences illumine strong ropes: faith, hope, love Biblical passages apply over centuries these guide provide balance become sources of courage and strength when mountains overwhelm grasp ropes tightly     I Corinthians 13 “ And now these three remain: faith, hope, love. ButContinue reading “Sustenance”

Under God’s Umbrella

Years ago, my Mom gave me a copy of Holly Gerth’s book, Under God’s Umbrella:  Gifts of Hope & Encouragement to Shelter Your Heart in Life’s Storms.  The book is available from Dayspring and other religious book stores. Holly shared this prayer: “Lord, my heart is in the midst of a storm right now.  Please helpContinue reading “Under God’s Umbrella”


We are encouraged and strengthened by Bible verses that help us go through challenging times – times such as the present – that test every part of our character. During times such as what we are experiencing presently, it is important that we engage our mind and our heart with these good Bible verses to aidContinue reading “CHALLENGING TIMES? INDEED!”

Heal the World

At times when the world is dark, I just need to hear this song. Heal the World by a German School Heal the World by Kids Artists Heal the World by Connie Talbot There’s a place in your heart And I know that it is love And this place could be much Brighter than tomorrowContinue reading “Heal the World”

A Prayer Board

My current prayer board in my home office is crowded, jammed, overflowing, packed, and crammed, but it is not filled.  Each week, I update the board and use it in my morning prayers.  Collectively praying for those who need our prayers each day matters.  And it helps me to have a visual prayer list.  WhoContinue reading “A Prayer Board”

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks…let’s take a virtual hike together this Saturday.

Earlier this week, the National Park Service posted these virtual hiking videos….you may get a chance to visit these spots, but right now, virtual will have to do. Bryce Canyon: Devils Postpile: Redwoods: Grand Canyon: Zion: If you are looking for something different than a hike, the main site for the National Park Service isContinue reading “In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks…let’s take a virtual hike together this Saturday.”


“Your wings already exist, all you need to do is fly.”   Unknown I saw this quote recently and it really stayed with me.  During this Lenten season know that God has already given you wings.  Will our faith be strong enough by Easter so we can rise and fly? Bonny Chopey  

A Reflection: “What is Lent For?”

If in suffering you can no longer give thanks for God’s goodness and have no taste for paradox, from where comes succor if nothing’s real but whirl of pain and echo, “Why am I forsaken?”   Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthani  . . . . What is the meaning of our brother’s ending cry of sorrow?Continue reading “A Reflection: “What is Lent For?””

God’s Plan

Genesis 45: 4-13 (NIV) Then Joseph said to his brothers, “Come close to me.” When they had done so, he said, “I am your brother Joseph, the one you sold into Egypt!  And now, do not be distressed and do not be angry with yourselves for selling me here, because it was to save lives that God sent meContinue reading “God’s Plan”

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