Connecting and Keeping the Time…

As most of us are hunkered down at home this week, I wanted to share a few ideas that may help you feel more connected, even inspire and maybe use this time for growth.  This can be a stressful time for families and for our friends.  Many of the people we care about live alone and may need a pick-me-up.  Here are a few ideas.

  1. Reach out to friends and family near and far by calling them or using Skype or FaceTime. What about a FaceTime story hour?
  2. Plan a virtual coffee hour or happy hour with your friends.  Google Hangouts will work.  Just make your self a coffee or pour yourself a drink and connect for an hour.  (And maybe share some ideas on what to binge watch next).
  3. Limit the news and places on Social Media that might make you stressed.  I have unfollowed people who post too much….
  4. Embrace a Hobby.
  5. Start a puzzle.
  6. Practice Self-Care.  Bubble bath anyone?  Meditate?
  7. Stream something that falls into the category of uplifting.  Positive streaming will help you feel better.
  8. Start a gratitude journal.
  9. Cook or bake an old family recipe like a casserole.
  10. Write thank you notes to people in your life that made a difference.
  11. De-clutter or change your place around.
  12. Checkout these cool offerings for those at home to learn something new:

The Cincinnati Zoo is providing a Home Safari from the Zoo to you each day focusing on a different kind of animal.  You can head to their YouTube page.   The Hippos yesterday were worth the view and the Zookeepers help you learn about each highlighted animal.  Did you know a Hippo can eat a Pumpkin whole?  No, neither did I.   Cincinnati Zoo’s YouTube Page  If you are on Facebook, you can like the Zoo’s page and it will be on Facebook Live each day at 3pm EDT.

Google Arts and Culture has virtual tours of museums and historic sites from throughout the world.   Some of the best include a virtual visit to Easter Island and other places on the edge, a timeline of objects from the British Museum, 3-D visits to historic sites, cultural tours, local museums, and even important events like when MLK met Gandhi.  It is pretty amazing!  Link to Google Arts and Culture

Stars in the House from the Actor’s Fund will have a concert from one of your favorite Broadway stars at 8pm EDT every night. Stars in the House Broadcast

Check out a new Podcast.  I have been enjoying a theatre focused podcast called “Playing on Air.”  Playing on Air can be found here….

The Metropolitan Opera is streaming operas each night at 7:30 EDT and these videos will be available for 20 hours.  Metropolitan Opera Streaming Page

Programs Supported by Marble Collegiate Church

Daily Through the Bible Discussion | Weekdays, 12:00 – 12:30pm
One of the Marble ministers will discuss the day’s assigned Through the Bible reading and take your questions. Join us on Facebook Live, accessible via Marble’s Facebook page. For the List of Daily Readingsclick here.

Afternoon Prayer | Weekdays, 4:00 – 4:20pm
Wind down your day with a brief time of sharing and prayer, led by Marble ministers. Join us via Broadview chat by clicking this link, or call (646) 741-5293 and enter meeting ID 111 712 8389. For instructions on how to connect, click here.

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If you have some other ideas, please feel free to share these with me by emailing to

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  1. Marcie, great ideas. I certainly plan to check out the zoo link; also some of the concerts. How about also, when you’re ready to be completely slothful, how about checking online for some of the funny cartoons that you used to enjoy as a kid, or later:)

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