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  • A Forgiving Friend

    When I was in my mid-thirties, I finally left a destructive business partnership, and was broke and depressed. I knew God didn’t blame me for putting up with an abusive person. My friends didn’t blame me either. I blamed me. I was angry for falling prey. But instead of forgiving myself, I began to dig […]

  • The Power of Enduring Friendship

    My best and longest-time friend is Krissy Wertz Cross.  She and I met when we were 13 years old and became locker partners at Urbandale Junior High School in Urbandale, Iowa.  Who would have known that chance partnering would begin a decades old friendship?  When the pandemic began in March 2020 and we were all […]

  • Song of Comfort

    “The Swan” from Saint-Saëns’s The Carnival of the Animals…

  • Africa’s Splendor…Day 2

    Today, we will spend some time with Lions and Cheetahs….the glory of God in nature.

  • A Three Day Journey to Africa

    Today, we start a three-day journey with one of our leadership team members, Patricia Wu. She is currently traveling through several countries in Africa and shared some stories, pictures, and video for us to center our Lenten journey on nature. Nature has always been a source of inspiration, wonder and wisdom for me. On a […]

  • Lucky for me…

    Susan Ceely Phillips

  • Tiny Practice: Who will I help today?

    “Never underestimate the difference you can make in the lives of others. Step forward, reach out, and help. Reach out to someone who might need a lift.” Pablo As compassion for others is one focus of area of tiny practices, I am asking you today to reach out to someone who may need help. You […]

  • Resurrections – again and again on this day

    I find my resurrections From dark, lonely, dreary tombs Of fear, separation and loss In the mockingbird that sings joyfully while playing hide and seek in the holly bush. In the thread of a text with beloved sisters who hear my cry. In the empathetic, sympathetic melodies of a piano and strings. In the chit […]

  • The Summoning

    There is a battle that ensues In mind and body both Each fights within itself nonstop And both against the other too. The more my mind darts forth and back And far and wide and long and fast, The more my busy body sinks And aches and downward droops. As these two the battle goes […]

  • Reflections and Sacrifice

    It feels like we’ve lived through an extended Lenten season for the past year. As I reflect on how all of our lives have changed, it reminds me of Jesus fasting in the desert. A time to focus on God and discern what our next steps might be to make our communities stronger, wiser and […]