It was a beautiful October Saturday and the Marble Church family was apple picking at Hurds Family Farm in the Catskill Mountains. When my group had gone through all the rows of apples, we ventured into a very small wooded area. On that site was what they call the “Hurds Famous Weather Rock.” Intrigued we stopped and looked at this huge rock in the middle of three logs, held by rope; near it is was a framed description that read:


For eons weather rocks have been used to predict the weather. This rock was especially selected using the advice from an experienced weather guru. This is a delicate instrument carefully calibrated to determine the weather.

If the rock is wet, it’s raining.

If it’s moving gently back and forth, it’s windy.

If it’s white on top, it’s snowing.

If it’s indented, it hailed.

If it’s jumping up and down, it’s an earthquake.

If it’s broken loose, we just had a tornado.

Mid-way reading, we were all laughing. Once home though, I began thinking of the significance of rocks/stones. I am reminded of the many times they are used in the Bible. I think of the journey God called Abraham and Sarah to take with their families and livestock to get to their new home in Hebron. Abraham wonders if God will be with them as they travel in a desert that is hot and where finding water is a challenge. But as they went forth, Abram discovers that indeed God is at every stop along the way so that he comes to realize that God is everywhere. In gratitude he marks each spot with an altar of thanksgiving; yes, they were built with stones.

As I think of our ministry’s theme for the year, Deepening Our Faith on the Advent Trail, I too realize that sometimes I’m called to walk a new path and, though it is an opportunity for my personal growth, it can be scary. Doubt enters along with fear. Will God be present each step of the path? Like Abraham I take comfort in believing that God is always present, and that God is everywhere. Then I wonder… what can I do to acknowledge this?

God help me to mark each step with a word of praise and gratitude for your presence. May I be open to seeing you in others. May I remember to be that presence and voice of encouragement for someone as they journey along a new path. Amen

Shared by Sandy Diaz


  1. Thank you, Sandy. Funny, truthfuland memorable all at once. Perfect start to what promises to be a snowy day.

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