The Bridge

I so loved curating the Advent Blog for 2020. And I am hoping you enjoyed following this year. “Irrational Season” really captured all of what 2020 brought us. Thank you to all of the 27 different voices who shared their poetry, music, thoughts, vignettes, and prayers this year. We are so very blessed that youContinue reading “The Bridge”

Advent 2020. Yes, Please.

How do you enter the Advent season this year? Are you hopeful or are you struggling? For me, Advent is a hopeful season, but 2020 has challenged and even changed me, my friends, and loved ones more than any other year. Today, my state enters into a two-week pause due to the pandemic. The factContinue reading “Advent 2020. Yes, Please.”

An Invitation to Write for our Advent Blog

From Darkness, Together we Find the Light We know that this Advent will be different this year, so I picked up a favorite book by Madeleine L’Engle, The Irrational Season, a book about connecting Advent seasons.  Here is a quote from the book: “This is the irrational season. When love blooms bright and wild. Had Mary been filled with reason There’d haveContinue reading “An Invitation to Write for our Advent Blog”

Opportunities to Connect (Virtually) This Summer

We wanted to share with all of our blog readers some opportunities for you to connect virtually this summer. How I Want to Rise from this Time! Creating a Vision Board Here’s something fun to do this summer – join us online on Monday, July 27, 7:00-8:00pm EDT to create your own vision board. What’s a visionContinue reading “Opportunities to Connect (Virtually) This Summer”

We Can Bloom, Even Between a Rock and a Hard Place

  Many people have witnessed a plant growing in the middle of a cement sidewalk or noted a flower springing forth from the middle of a concrete wall.  At the side of my driveway and up against the cement wall of my neighbor’s foundation, a small purple little flower demonstrates the possibility of growth underContinue reading “We Can Bloom, Even Between a Rock and a Hard Place”

Ode to Joy this Easter…

“It was into a world like ours that Jesus was born.”  Sarah Christmeyer And today we celebrate his resurrection! Happy Easter! “Christ the Lord is risen today, sons of men and angels say. Raise your joys and triumphs high; sing, ye heavens and Earth reply.” Charles Wesley “This year, Easter will be different for manyContinue reading “Ode to Joy this Easter…”

Just for Today

Just for today, I will try to live through this day only and not tackle my whole life problem at once. I can do something for twelve hours that would appall me if I felt that I had to keep it up for a lifetime. Just for today, I will be happy. This assumes toContinue reading “Just for Today”

Make a Space for Prayer

In this post for Holy Week that many will be worshipping from home, make a special place to pray.

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