Many Thanks…

Happy New Year!

Thank you for joining us this Advent season and beyond exploring how Art is the highest form of hope…we hope you enjoyed the journey and were inspired.

As I read the last post from Patricia Wu who was wondering if she was an artist or not (and she most certainly is), the blog came full circle. Many of our contributors are professional artists, musicians, poets, etc. And others explore their creativity outside of their chosen vocation. All embrace and bring hope…and recognize the role God plays in how art is filled with hope. And what is next?

We are already planning our Lenten Blog which starts on February 22nd based on Sonia Sotomayor’s children’s book Just Help! How to Build a Better World. We will be collaborating with our Children, Youth, and Families Ministry and bringing a fresh perspective to the Lenten journey focused on building a world filled with kindness.

An invitation…We have a virtual program this Saturday…

Stability Amidst Change: A Journaling Mini-Retreat with Nina H. Frost, M.A.

Open to all. Hosted by Marble Women’s Ministry on Zoom. 

Online, Saturday, January 7, 2023, 11:00am to 1:00pm EST

In the early days of this new year, and in the season of Epiphany and a time of deep change, come gather your stirrings, hopes, fears and leadings through a gentle, restorative time of presentation, poetry and other readings, easy written exercises, and optional sharing.  

This quiet, reflective time will tap into the wisdom of writers who have navigated change, and will use easy writing prompts to help us become more aware of the invitations in our lives and the manifold resources there, too.  “Stability Amidst Change” may seen like a paradox, but in fact both these aspects of our life partner in many ways, and in this “time apart” from our busy schedules, we will listen to what is both shifting… and  foundational. 

Journaling can be a powerful, subtle form of prayer and that everyone can do.  This mini-retreat will tap inner guidance, renew your spirit and offer tools for listening, discerning and stepping out in faith in the new year. No previous journaling experience necessary!

Led by Nina H. Frost, M.A., spiritual director, author, and a favorite Marble workshop leader. 

Register online at:

No Charge.

Thank you,

Marcie Doll

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  1. Thank you so much, Marcie, for once again blessing us all with this wonderful blog. It is a sacred gift. Happy, healthy, holy, hopeful New Year, everyone!

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