Am I an Artist?

My answer would be an immediate and resounding no. This year’s Marble Women’s Advent blog theme is, “Art is the highest form of hope.” I certainly believe that and I also believed that since I’m not an artist, I had no hope of submitting anything.

As it’s been said, God works in mysterious ways. In the last week or so I’ve seen art everywhere I look from a pastel sunrise outside of my window to a fiery sunset on an afternoon drive. I’ve seen it in the hibiscus bloom I walked by that looked like the sun itself. I even found it in the NY subway system as a singer brought some sunshine to cold and weary commuters on a gray and rainy day. Getting New Yorkers to stop for anything as we rush through our day often stressed, sleep deprived and behind the 8 ball is near impossible. But this singer not only got us to stop, she had a few of us dancing, yes dancing and smiling. 

All of this made me realize that while I cannot paint like my grandmother, a renowned Chinese landscape painter or my sister who paints beautiful abstract works and I can only sing when I’m alone as the song in my head sounds nothing like the song I’m actually singing, I can still be an artist. I can make each day my canvas and live it in a way that creates a little joy, hope or peace for someone. 

Shared by Patricia Wu

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  1. Thank you Patricia! This is such a wonderful reflection on true artistry. It doesn’t have to be about what you create, it’s about how you see the world. You are indeed an artist.

  2. Yes!! Bearing our Creator’s image we too have the capacity to create! To behold His astounding vast creativity everywhere, with the eyes and ears and mind He has given us…that we may know, love and worship the One True Triune Artist and Author of all…and invest the capacities and resources He entrusts us with each day.

    May we bring the Lord Jesus great glory and become better foot-washers in the New Year!

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