It all starts with a Choir

In this week between Christmas and New Year’s, I am not ready to turn my back on Christmas Music or the joy that a choir singing any tune can bring me.

So, I thought I should share some of my favorites from choirs around the world singing the wonderful John Rutter’s works…

I hope today this post gives you some peace as we pray for peace together.

Marcie Doll

3 responses to “It all starts with a Choir”

  1. Marcie, thank you for this post and the music of John Rutter…nothing like a piece of music that John Rutter composed. Many years ago as a member of Symphony Chorus we had the honor of being a part of a program called “The Great American Chorus”. It was about 500 voices from all over the country and John Rutter was the guest conductor who gave a workshop to us. We sang at Carnegie Hall a thrill I can’t describe. And John Rutter’s music can help us to bring peace individually and to the world.

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