My “Barnabas” Friends

A Miracle called Friendship

By Anonymous

There is a Miracle called Friendship 
that dwells within the heart 
and you don’t know how it happens 
or when it even starts. 

But the happiness it brings you 
always gives a special lift 
and you realize that 
is God’s most precious gift.

I recently came across this poem and thought of the many wonderful friendships I have. I also thought of friendships in scripture Naomi and Ruth, for one. The story is that Naomi, a wife, mother and mother-in-law experiences the loss of her husband and sons, and in grief decides to return to her homeland. She then asks her daughters-in-law to return to their families. While Orpah agrees, Ruth refuses and “clung to her”. The bond that the two friends shared as they lived the rest of their lives together demonstrates a powerful gift of friendship. Naomi’s wise counsel and God’s faithfulness rewards Ruth with a son and Naomi with the grandson she thought she never would have.

I am aware of the gift of my friendships… women who have been my “Barnabas” friends (Barnabas means son of encouragement), perhaps without even knowing it. They have lent their listening ear, provided words of encouragement, made me laugh when I wanted to cry, and showed me God’s love.

In the last two years, three of these “Barnabas” friends passed on to eternity and their loss has been profound. Yet, when I think of each of them, I thank God for them. They were wise women who loved me, prayed for me, taught me lessons by how they lived their lives, and whose wisdom and kindness sustained me at crucial times of my life. My dear Margaret, Elisa and Dearest Mother, thank you for loving me and being God’s instrument of encouragement in my life.

The song below reminds me of the power of friendship and the power of God in friendships. I hope it does the same for you.

Shared by Sandy Diaz

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  1. I lost a “Barnabas” friend not quite 2 years ago and what a profound loss for me. I cried reading this blog. These kinds of friends are truly a gift from God and can never be replaced.

  2. Thank you, Sandy for reminding me how precious Barnabas friends are! I will be reaching out to mine today to say thank you ❤️

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