It’s Christmas Eve

Madeline L’Engle’s book The Irrational Season has been the basis of this year’s Advent blog.

As Advent ends and we welcome the Christ Child, I share these words, and also some words of thanks.

This is an irrational season…and God is irrational.

Who would think God, almighty God, would choose to touch down in our world, coming in frail human flesh, born in a manger bare, in what we think was a cattle trough?

Who would think God, almighty God, would choose to first be announced to lowly shepherds, working the night shift, alone, calloused hands, the bottom of the social ladder?

Who would think God, almighty God, would shine forth to star gazers, magi, foreigners, who followed a faraway star with faith it would lead them somewhere glorious, and would then take a risk and not follow Herod’s order to tell him the place where the Messiah was born? 

All of it is irrational. 

And yet, this is what God did for us…to be with us…to be touch down in the midst of whatever we are going through and bring tidings of hope…comfort…and joy.

Thank you for being part of this Advent journey.  Thanks to every writer and special thanks to Marcie Doll who so beautifully leads us through this seasonal blog each year.

I end with a video thanking the Marble staff for everything they have done through this extraordinary year.  The password is “1.”

Reverend Dr. Elise Brown

3 responses to “It’s Christmas Eve”

  1. I just want to echo this sentiment. The job that Marble has done over these months has been completely extraordinary. I think every aspect of Marble’s programming found its way to the online sphere; and help was offered to people who needed it, as they tried to make the switch to the digital world. Values of worship, positivity, compassion and joy have predominated throughout.And yes,thank youto Marcie for the beautiful theme for this year’s blogand to all the writers. Blessings to all.

  2. What a beautiful tribute to our wonderful staff. I too join in gratitude and say THANK YOU MARBLE STAFF for all the love, support and work you continue to do for us, the church, to keep us connected and spiritually fed through these times. I miss seeing you but look forward with great hope for 2021. Marcie, thank you for your love and hard work to keep our MWM blogs going! MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL!

  3. This was absolutely beautiful. It touched my soul deeply. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share in this expression of love and appreciation for all of the staff who have went beyond the call of duty to keep us united during these challenging times.
    Great Love and Blessings

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