Love is the Answer

Love waits,
Love is kind,
Love is soft,
Love is sure.

Love seeps into the darkness,
Gently, allowing us to sleep,
Blanketing us in worry-free warmth.

When the bird whispers out into the dawn,
The light softly cleanses our soul,
We do not fear,
The darkness fades away.

The morning light has touched my soul,
I am no longer imprisoned,
I am at peace.

Words, music, and video by Chris Chalfant

Chris Chalfant serves in the Marble Arts Ministry and sings in Marble’s Gospel choir as well as Festival of Voices. She is a multi-media artist who has multiple recordings of her music and has performed internationally. Chris published “Book of Unstandards” collection of her original scores in 2006. After “Looking Through Trees” multi-media project in 2010 Chalfant has devoted more of her time in photography as a way of connecting to God in the moment. A number of Chalfant’s pieces have been shown at Marble and continue to show at Blue Door Art Center. 

2 responses to “Love is the Answer”

  1. Chris, what a beautiful poem and song on love. It is soothing for my soul this morning. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. Blessings during this Advent Season.

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