Day 7: Courageous Women Watchlist

It is that time of the year, where you may have a storm and need to be hunkered down in your home, apartment or farm.  We have seen snow from the South yesterday and today the storm has moved into the Northeast. This kind of day calls for binge watching! So grab your hot chocolate and get ready for a watchlist made to inspire you. I have decided to share a watchlist of lectures and movies sharing the stories of courageous women.

While my movie list could have included Anne of Green Gables, Gorillas in the Mist, or even Moana, I thought I should dig into the past a bit and also include some documentaries for inspiration. One documentary, “Advanced Style” looks at how women in NY face aging with spunk and fashion.

Feel free to add some of your favorites in the comment section…a list of 10 is not enough…And bookmark this list for when you need it…

Lectures/TED Talks

  1. Leah Chase, the Queen of Creole Cuisine
  2. Caroline Paul, Raising Brave Girls
  3. Serena Williams, on Tennis, Love and Motherhood
  4. For these women, Reading is a Heroic Act
  5. Mother and Daughter–Doctor–Heroes
  6. The Hospitality of Self
  7. Ted Talks that will Make You Feel Good

Movies and Documentaries

  1. Mona Lisa Smile
  2. A Far off Place
  3. Half the Sky
  4. Maidentrip
  5. A Ballerina’s Tale: The Incredible Rise of Misty Copland
  6. Akeela and the Bee
  7. The Man in the Moon
  8. A Long Walk Home
  9. Advanced Style
  10. 14 Women


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