Walking Resources

As this year’s Lenten Blog is focused on “Walking the Path of Lent with Friends,” we wanted to share some guides, films and documentaries, and other resources on walking.

Looking for an excellent podcast about women walking and exploring the world, check out She Explores.

Guides for Different Types of Walks

Need a place to get some encouragement to start walking regularly? The Pacer Blog helps you to get started and stay motivated.

The Labyrinth Society’s Resource page for getting started with the prayerful walking meditations. The Labyrinth Society learning about Labyrinths

A Prayer Walking Guide from the Navigators. How to do a Prayer Walk

This is a link to a wonderful guide for a prayer walk that blesses your neighborhood. Prayer Walk Guide

Take an “Awe Walk.” Here is a wonderful way to start this process of getting out into nature and feeling awestruck by all that is around you. https://bit.ly/3uc8E2m

Documentaries and Movies to Stream

Here is a list of options for you to stream. Using a streaming service you have, search for these options. As the streaming services vary, the options will change from time to time.

Wild, a film based on the book of the same title where a woman finds herself on the Pacific Coast Trail.
Southbounders, my favorite of the Appalachian Trail movies that follows a woman who goes southbound on the trail.
Tracks, a film about a woman who takes a 2,000 mile journey across Australia with four camels.
Edie, a film about an elderly woman who hikes the Scottish Highlands instead of going to a retirement home.

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