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  • Hope in Perspective

    I take a walk around my neighborhood almost every morning and any time I need a little pick me up. Some days it’s easier than others to motivate myself.  It would be so much easier to eat a cookie! Or two! But, I tell myself I only have to walk to my favorite tree which…

  • Walking the Path

    Walking the Path

    As our theme this year is “Walking the Path of Lent with Friends,” our Friday blog posts focus on the “walking” part of the Lenten journey. For many, Lent means giving up something or going with less, ignoring the physical walk Jesus takes during Lent towards the cross.

  • A Light Unto My Path

    Visiting the monastery that weekend was one of the first outings I’d made after finding myself alone, my husband’s words still ringing in my ears – that he no longer wanted to be married.  But I’d never arrived at nighttime – never realized just how dark it could get in this most secluded place.  I parked, got…