Almost Tulip Time…

As we edge closer to Spring, I wanted to share my favorite part of the season, tulips.  The flowers just make me happy and while their season is short, I know that as the flowers fade, the spring season is here to stay.

I have shared a couple of my favorite tulip pictures, some red, orange, pink and purple ones from the Wicked Tulips Flower Farm in Rhode Island, where you can pick your own and bring them home. I have already purchased my tickets for this coming year, as they usually sell out.  But that will not be my only tulips this spring….

There are three major tulip festivals in this country, Skagit Valley, WA, Woodburn, OR, and Holland, MI.  I will be a tulip tourist this year, as I am headed to Skagit Valley in Washington in April, as I need to be in Washington for an event and can be an accidental tulip tourist.

Here are some background facts:

  • there are over 3,000 different varieties of tulips
  • the colors are magnificent and range the entire rainbow and even can be striped
  • The Netherlands made them famous, but they originated in Persia

Some tulips represent true love, purple ones for loyalty, and white tulips can say “I’m sorry.”   And the Alzheimers Association uses a purple tulip to ask us to pray and support those who are suffering and caregivers who take care of them.  So much to pray for… #gopurple

We are edging ever closer to spring and while I still see some snow flakes on the weather map this week, I say bring on the tulips, I am ready for Spring!

Shared by Marcie Doll