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  • My Favorite Friends Song

    My Favorite Friends Song

    I wanted to share a favorite song of mine this Saturday, Friends by Elton John. New friends, old friends, and all the friends in between.

  • A Prayer Walk

    “Therefore, when you decide to undertake this work of prayer and feel by grace that you are called by God, lift up your heart to God with a meek stirring of Love.”– Cloud of Unknowing This week’s focused walk is a Prayer Walk in your community, where you say a prayer for all the people, places, […]

  • Reborn

    What if I trusted that God really loved me, and was working all things out for my benefit? What if I trusted that God was omniscient and saw how things work out when I couldn’t? What if I trusted Jesus to be a dear friend and companion – to share joy and sadness? What if […]

  • In the Garden

    The beauty of the Lenten season includes longer daylight hours, the leaves on our trees and flowers begin to bud, and beautiful colors begin to emerge. The change of the season helps me to reflect on the beauty of my friendships with people and God as I walk through nature’s paths and gardens.  Preparing for […]

  • An Unexpected Friend

    A sprained ankle has kept me at home with my foot elevated and enveloped in an ice pack. My mood was far worse than the pain from my swollen ankle. I missed my workouts, my friends at the gym and moving around quickly and easily. I no longer live full time in NYC, but I […]

  • Bless our Four-Cornered Circle

    Since 2020, we have worshiped, worked prayed, and played in tiny tiles, 24 to a four-cornered screen. Still a circle of friends, walking through the seasons of earth, church and life: Lents, Easters, Advents, Christmases–even a pancake supper though we had to supply our own sizzle. To me, most important in the four-corner format was […]

  • What a friend we have in Jesus…

    Do you feel Him there as you walk with your earthly friend? Is He so silent that you forget that He’s there? What does your friend have to say on the subject of His hanging around with you? Is it even a topic of conversation? Can you be a friend that walks along silently, or […]

  • Barbie Dearest

    Barbie is the name I endearingly gave my friend who I met at a yoga class in a dark church basement many years ago.  During our introduction, we learned that we were neighbors. It became our practice to meet every Tuesday evening at the corner to walk together for our class. We got together more […]

  • An “Awe” Walk

    Have you ever been awed by something?  The beauty of a mountain, a lighthouse at sunset, or the ocean furiously churned by an approaching storm.  What makes you awestruck? What gives you a sense of wonder? According to the dictionary, awe is “an emotion variously combining dread, veneration, and wonder inspired by authority or the sacred […]

  • Friendship is Another Word for Love

    Relationships are important to all of us.  And these relationships become dearer as we become older, especially if we are blessed to have friends from long ago.  One of my best male friends was my younger brother. He passed away after a three-week illness.  But during those three weeks, I saw him every day for […]