Tag: #lent2019

  • A Visit to Barcelona with Family

    In the spring of 2016, I visited Barcelona, Spain with members of my family. We stayed at a B&B near La Sagrada Family,* and daily walked by it until it the day of our planned tour. When we finally entered it, we were in awe and with so many others, we reverently took in the […]

  • Oh to live gently in the world, to be content and at peace

    Hope is like the cardinal in the bramble…..you have to be seeking it, truly looking for it to see it. It is hiding in plain sight. It is small, it is vivid, it is breath-taking. It is mercurial….there for a moment and then it flies away. Hope is an illumination from the Spirit that we […]

  • It is Good to Rest

        I pass this sculpture every time I head down to the Labyrinth Room to teach my class. It’s the Flight into Egypt, of course: the Holy Family taking a rest during their escape from a tyrant’s deadly paranoia. Not a pleasure trip. But look at Mary’s face. Everyone in the family is asleep, […]

  • My Lent Starts out a bit Blurry….

    My camera just would not focus and I was really frustrated.  A viscious storm had just passed and I stepped outside of the restaurant that I had taken shelter in to take a few pictures.  Sometimes the most beautiful sunsets appear after the most violent of storms.  Right? This picture is of a blurry sunset […]

  • Lent Begins Tomorrow…

    Happy Mardi Gras Day!  Happy Fat Tuesday! Here is the King Cake that I brought to a party last week.  A round brioche-like marvel with cream cheese frosting and sprinkling sugar in yellow, purple and green.  Pure decadence…. Lent begins tomorrow with Ash Wednesday.  We will be praying with our cameras this Lent.  Forty days […]