Tag: #holyweek2023

  • The Liminal Space

    The place of stillness.  Of silence and stillness. After the end has come, yet no beginning is begun. That mysterious in-between time where there is no action to take, no words to offer, no comfort, no plan, no reason nor explanation to be had.   This is the liminal space, from the Latin word limen meaning […]

  • Jerusalem

    I have always wanted to go to Jerusalem to walk through the pages of the Bible in person. So when I found out I would be attending a conference in Jerusalem, the first person I thought of was Sister Carol. She made the Bible come to life for me in her Bible studies. The first […]

  • Mary Marvels at her Boy

    From the beginning when her boy is littleMary watches, marveling at what he does.His first everything: laughing aloud,first step when she puts her hands out toward him,calls to Joseph, “Come and see!”Later, calls again when her boy at twointently hammers the wooden peg as if conversingwith the toy his father made for him.Each first, a […]