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  • Praying for our Children

    Today, I share prayer for all of our children in this country, many of whom will walkout of school to remember the seventeen students who were killed and many who were injured in a school shooting in Florida a month ago and remind us all that this should never, ever happen again. Then children were […]

  • Day 12: Some thoughts from Henri Nouwen

    As Advent is amongst us, may we, as children of God, run with joy to unwrap our gifts of the Spirit, praying, playing, living boldly in Christ’s love. The following is a compilation of thoughts on courage from one of my favorite theologians, Henri Nouwen. Enjoy! – Patrice Donnell On Courage: “Have courage,” we often say to […]

  • Day 10: Finding our Forgotten Gifts, So We Can Use Them

    Shared by Karen Gourgey Advent, especially for children is a time of expectation, expectation of what, we don’t know, but it’s fascinating, a little mysterious, and even for adults, in our heart of hearts, are we maybe still looking for something magic, a miracle, something that will change things and make everything good. But what […]

  • Autumn is here…

    Rather accidentally this weekend, I stumbled upon “Anne with an E” on Netflix, based on the L.M. Montgomery novel, “Anne of Green Gables.”  After Laura Ingalls Wilder and Nancy Drew, Anne Shirley holds a special place in the literary journey of my girlhood.  She was imaginative, not so comfortable with her appearance, smart, and a […]