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  • More thoughts inspired by Advent…

    I see Advent unfolding,like a beautifully wrapped Christmas present;the anticipation of the surprise inside, while savoring the beauty and the effort made to create such a delightful package.Advent unfolds like the searching for,and the gift of offering an enormous, blue spruce tree, lovingly parted with from land in distant Connecticut, carefully timbered, driven over miles […]

  • Amaryllis and me…

    A tale from a long ago mind and place wove a story for anyone who would listen. A tale of longing, waiting, persistent love. A story of a shy, young shepherdess, Amaryllis. A young girl, who, through her daily life guiding, cajoling, leading her flock, met a young and, we hear, very handsome and strong […]

  • As Mary Moves On…

    From that fateful dayOf a special kind of impregnationWhen she first knows,BelievesThat the seed of a life  Has been plantedHas taken holdOf her body  Of her mind Of her spirit As Mary moves on.. Into day after dayOf a not necessarily special kind of gestation That pulsesThat flows That throbsIn the pleasure of knowingIn the […]

  • We ARE Christmas

    We are Christmas!

  • Are you Ready?

    Luke’s story – a story about how God, in Jesus Christ, has touched the pain of the world in a new and wondrous and transfiguring way – begins with a priest. With a priest in the temple: Then there appeared to Zechariah an angel of the Lord, standing at the right side of the altar of incense. (Luke […]