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  • What are you waiting for?

    Dear Advent Blog Readers, People are always waiting for something, right? We wait for the train connection, our meals, the elevator and the call back. We wait for the news, for medical care, the show opening and the latest products. That waiting can be torturous and agonizing at times for many. But what are we…

  • The Gift of “The Littlest Angel”

    The Gift of “The Littlest Angel”

    In my childhood during Advent, our Dad loved reading to us “The Littlest Angel” by Charles Tazewell. It always moved me to tears, and gave this timid child hope to be brave about who God made me to be.

  • Our Hope Has Come

    Merry Christmas! Joy to the World! On this Christmas Day in 2021, there is so much to wish for, to hope for, and to long for…. Jesus was not born in a time of peace, he was born to save us and this world. We need him more than ever this year. May the love…

  • God’s Mercies

    God’s mercies are new every day and happen in the most unexpected ways. Early one morning, I stepped out of my car at work and caught my breath. A brilliant yellow-orange sun was just glowing over the horizon. “How beautiful,” I whispered to myself as I reached for my phone to take a photo to…