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  • A Poetry Reading from Rene Navarro

    In this video, our friend Rene Navarro gives some background on his studies and shares some poetry for us. I turned on the closed captioning (CC on the bottom right menu), as I wanted to take in the words as a meditation.

  • DRAGON (Winter 1994)

    by Rene J. Navarro Snow is falling in transparent sheets across the garden of lilacs into the woods beyond. The dragon is out there, his tail whipping the wind in gustsalong the rhododendron path. He has been out since dawn, tasting the melting snow on his tongue. He hearsthe elegant  explosionof a flake vaporisingin an instant: it recallsother quiet revelations of the quotidian.  … Flute music rising […]

  • Going Home

    On this Sunday with a moment of music, I share Yo-Yo Ma playing Dvorak’s Going Home. Yo-Yo Ma is an American of Asian descent. Today, I want to say a prayer of peace for all of those of Asian-descent, who call America, home. In the past year, the rate of hate crimes against Asian-Americans, especially […]