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  • Sunset

    This spectacular sunset took my breath away. The sky is ablaze with streaks of pink, orange and violet blue. The glowing tapestry of colors is perfectly reflected in the still waters of the bay outside my friend’s house where he and his wife are hunkered down by themselves away from friends and family this holiday […]

  • Hope is Being Able to See…

    Hope is being able to see…

  • A Dialogue with Jesus…

    A way to prepare in Advent– pray and meditate on all the ways that Jesus reveals Himself to us…the ways Jesus wants us to know him and open ourselves to him in a very personal and intimate ways… preparing our hearts and bringing us in a closer relationship;  becoming ready for His birth. I come […]

  • Advent Starts Tomorrow…

    Please join us this Advent for our blog, Overcoming the Darkness with Light.

  • Bit by Bit

      I am blessed to live on the Hudson River and look out on a beautiful park filled with glorious trees.  I watch the seasons come and go, buds form, leaves bloom, colors turn, leaves fall until the barrenness arrives. It always comes as a surprise, stark and surreal those barren branches.  The very same […]

  • Make a Trail

    Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go;  God’s the one who will keep you on track. Proverbs 3:6 All too often we follow the path that others have set for our lives. As we grow up, our peers tell us how we should dress and how we should act. Our parents […]

  • Advent or Adventure?

    Advent The arrival of a notable person, thing or event Waiting, preparation, coming A coming into place, view, arrival Anticipation Something important One who is awaited A starting or coming into existence   Adventure Suffix -ure Forming nouns denoting an action, process, or result Forming nouns denoting an office or function Forming nouns denoting a […]

  • Follow the Trail: Don’t Mess with the Road Map

    It was a snowy afternoon in New York City, and once again I was almost late for a meeting at Marble Collegiate Church; it didn’t help that I was scheduled to chair. So, of course, I took a taxi. Destination reached, I paid the driver and headed into the meeting. All went well, until I […]

  • Afternoon Bonus: Excess Baggage

    Like many others, I’m doing a lot of traveling this holiday season.  At the check-in kiosk, I notice another traveler trying to pare down the contents of her luggage to avoid fees for an extra carry on and overweight luggage.  One pile was for the garbage. I noticed a couple of books and an old […]

  • Doing Less and Being More

      I was so excited when I figured out that I could retire this year.  Even though I loved my work, the daily grind of commuting over 2 hours to and from Queens every day was becoming too taxing on me. Once I retired, I set out the ambitious goal of co-creating the next chapter of […]