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  • The Night Before Christmas–A Collegiate History

    Twas the night before Christmas…

  • A Carol for the Darkest Night

    Enjoy this beautiful version of The Wexford Carol.

  • Find the Light where Darkness Dies

    Christmas may be a day of feasting, or of prayer, but always it will be a day of remembrance–a day in which we think of everything we have ever loved. May love fill your heart and home this holiday season and in the coming year!

  • Anticipation and Celebration–Advent and Christmas 2022

    During Advent, the world eagerly awaits the birth of the Christ child again in our hearts. Created by Victoria Pepe, our new online video exhibit depicts both sentiments through the lively, colorful visual art of Marie Malluk, Victoria Pepe, Susan Ceely Philips, Joan Silinsh and Margery Westin. Seasonal poetry and music by Carole Gregory and…

  • I Come with JOY

    Several years ago, when Marble Collegiate Church debuted its new organ, the great organist Diane Bish was highlighted. Our choir was invited to appear on her show, “The Joy of Music.” In honor of our wonderful Music Director, Ken Dake, I share this video.

  • Christ in my Heart at Christmas

    A Christmas version of I Corinthians 13By Brian R. Godshall   12/14/97   © 2010 If I sing with the tongues of a Bing Crosby or the Boys Choir of Harlem, but have not Christ in my heart at Christmas, I may be only a Christmas with the Chipmunks tape or an Elmo & Patsy 8-track. If…

  • Through the Eyes of a Toddler

    This was my gift from my first grandchild this past Mother’s Day. This photo is the lid from a candle that my granddaughter drew on for me. (She was 18 months old at the time) Underneath her artwork it says “Best Grandma”.    

  • Symbiosis

    The binding intertwining twisting and turning symbiosis of hope and her sister, art… Creation abounds, offering the fluttering of wings that touches the mind and soul Sensing that light behind the eyes Yielding tingling sensations shimmering beneath the skin’s surface… The lilt of a tune, the line in the lyric Transporting you over waves of…

  • Catherine’s Art

    When does creating art begin?How does a child depict meaningful sights? Catherine our granddaughter drew these visuals one Christmas.Every year since this has been a favorite holiday presence!                           Lynn Doll

  • Barn in Bethlehem: A Meditation on Place

    Peter Paul Rubens, The Nativity of Christ, from the Missale Romanum, 1616, Engraving on laid paper, Hill Museum & Manuscript Library I will go to the barn in Bethlehem;there, the beautiful baby lies in the trough the animalsshare with him.  Looking on with welcoming eyesthey receive the Little One as next-of-kin,awake, unafraid his face aglow – he wiggles…