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  • Hide and Seek

    I spent the Thanksgiving holiday with my family in the country.  I was asked by the children to play Hide and Seek. I was then asked if I wanted to be a Hider or a Seeker.  I chose the Hider role and I hid so well, I wasn’t found.   They gave up looking and surrendered. […]

  • Walking a Difficult Path with my Mother

    A couple of years ago,  I was in the waiting room of my mother’s doctor’s office.  I was sitting with my mother.  We were there so she could have a full physical before moving into an assisted living facility.  Like most elderly parents, she was not supporting this move.  But, I knew that she could […]

  • Advent Cradle Psalms

    A Litany in Three Voices  How can this be? the question is asked. Dear Little Babe, bidden into life, what is the pathway? Whose permission do you ask to be born? To whom do you sing?   Mama, may I come alive in you? Mama, will you carry me? Mama, will you see me through […]