Tag: #Advent2018

  • By Faith Alone

    God’s challenge to us is always about following Him in true faith. It shouldn’t be a walk of faith that is “mamby…pamby.” One that is forged on whether we get what we ask for, in the way we want it and at the time we want it to happen. Oftentimes, we pray and then go […]

  • Joy

    I feel no joy in sorrow, suffering, disappointment, sadness or difficulty. I don’t like it. I believe in God’s word, but during these times in my life it has been very hard for me to transcend my brokenness. However, what I found time and time again, I must allow myself permission to acknowledge and feel […]


      Is from God It means all the good gifts we enjoy so freely in life Are the gifts that we perceive it in the skills and intelligence of ALL God’s creations Is the wondrous gift of being human As humans we are given a unique and special place in the created order Is God’s […]

  • Peace

    Everything we read and hear every day is about wars, gun violence, destruction, separateness/walls and oppression. It’s depressing. Do we really want peace? It turns out that peace is something different. Peace is a right relationship with God. And a right relationship with God always places us into a right relationship with each other. We […]

  • What? No Snow?!!!

    While attending a social gathering shortly after moving to New York City, a new acquaintance asked where I was from.  “Tucson, Arizona”, I replied.  She surprised me by stating, “Oh, then you’ve never had a real Christmas.”  When asked what she meant, she responded, “You’ve never had a Christmas with snow.”  I gently responded, “The […]

  • My Acknowledgement of God’s Grace and Mercy

    I had just finished a great day outing with one friend, Winnie, and was a long train ride away from a concert with a second friend, Stephanie. By all accounts, I should be happy. It was summer; a warm and sunny Saturday in July. But we had spent our time in cool, comfort indoors at […]