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  • Feast of St. Nick

    Feast of St. Nick

  • Light of Hope

    Upcycling is one of the many things I proudly do as my contribution in the conservation of our beloved Mother Earth.   This pandemic gave me more time to think about what and how I can reuse household things that we normally just throw away. As a result, I have these Lights of Hope made of reused […]

  • Sunset

    This spectacular sunset took my breath away. The sky is ablaze with streaks of pink, orange and violet blue. The glowing tapestry of colors is perfectly reflected in the still waters of the bay outside my friend’s house where he and his wife are hunkered down by themselves away from friends and family this holiday […]

  • Hope is Being Able to See…

    Hope is being able to see…

  • My Advent Prayer for 2020

    My Advent Prayer for 2020…

  • A Dialogue with Jesus…

    A way to prepare in Advent– pray and meditate on all the ways that Jesus reveals Himself to us…the ways Jesus wants us to know him and open ourselves to him in a very personal and intimate ways… preparing our hearts and bringing us in a closer relationship;  becoming ready for His birth. I come […]

  • Lady in Waiting

    In this life we cannot always do great things                   but we can do small things with great love.                                     (commonly attributed to Mother Teresa) This is no ancient fairytale told of an attending companion to one crowned by high birth this – no imagined fabulous fiction no mere myth of gods and goddesses. In […]

  • Advent 2020. Yes, Please.

    How do you enter the Advent season this year? Are you hopeful or are you struggling? For me, Advent is a hopeful season, but 2020 has challenged and even changed me, my friends, and loved ones more than any other year. Today, my state enters into a two-week pause due to the pandemic. The fact […]

  • Advent Starts Tomorrow…

    Please join us this Advent for our blog, Overcoming the Darkness with Light.