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  • Astonished by Snowfall, Awestruck by Grace 

    I hadn’t listened to the weather report that mid-March night before bed. Waking up to discover the whole backyard glistening in snow was a complete surprise! The bare trees now cloaked in white brought to mind the night many years before when I stopped running from the Lord Jesus Christ, bowed my heart and asked […]

  • Sunday Music for Advent

    On Sundays, we take a break to listen to the music of the season of Advent. This week, I share some unique versions of the Advent standard, O Come, O Come Emmanuel. May the music bring you some peace and remind you of the importance of this special Advent. Shared by Marcie Doll

  • Advent and Gratitude

    Wow…..What a year! I can’t believe the things that have given me the most Joy during the past few months. We all were forced to make huge adjustments over the past two years. it’s so easy to get caught up in the inconveniences and losses we’ve incurred and succumb to an attitude of pessimism and negativity; (i.e., […]

  • The New Day Rises

  • Believing

    By Lynn Doll the pillars of hope are found in faithone must believewithout this foundationthere is no anchor when storms rageand sorrows overwhelm prayers are lifted by believerswhispered or spokenfervent intentions for othersknee deep in traumaor bereft from sadness or alonefaith guideshope ignitesanswers… not always as one may prayin God’s time andin His Way through […]

  • Peace, Always

    Hope in the time of darkness.

  • Mary’s Blessing for Her Little Boy

    Little One I hold in my arms, may you as a child be pulled by a puddle to come out in your bare feet make a riot of water stand in rain turning grasses to greener you, too, are turning – a rainbow inside you, around you, child of promise now fully alive in your […]

  • Advent Calendars

    An Advent Calendar is like opening a door to the hope and love of the season.

  • Amaryllis Bulbs are a Metaphor for Hope

    Hope is God’s promise when it is a dark time for us, when we cannot see signs of change or the possibility of growth. One has to wait and be patient…hope is not a quick fix!  The hope which God gives us provides a place to stand that is positive and life giving.  Without hope, […]

  • Advent Starts…Tomorrow

    Advent Blog for the Faithful