Advent Blog 2023: An Invitation to Write

We are excited to announce the theme for our ninth Advent Blog, ” A Season of Writing Letters.”

For the ninth year of our Advent Blog, the Marble Women’s Ministry will launch a letter-writing campaign in this season of hopeful expectation. Advent is the season awaiting the birth of Jesus.

We invite you to share a letter with the blog that will grace our pages this Advent season.

Writing letters of hope to friends, loved ones, teachers, children, our communities, our younger selves, ourselves, a long-ago lived-in home, etc.… A thank you note, a reconnection, a bridge builder, an apology, motivating someone, a Christmas note, sharing an inspirational picture, or a song that might heal in your letter. 

Remember your childhood? Did you ever write a letter to Santa? Or receive a valentine?  There was a letter that eight-year-old Virginia O’Hanlon famously wrote to the editor of The Sun in 1897 asking about Santa Claus. And in the recent past, J.R.R. Tolkien wrote letters to his children for twenty-plus years at Christmastime. 

Need some inspiration? A lovely 2023 children’s book, “I hope you will know,” written by Jaren Ahlmann to his children, tackles some of those essential lessons he hopes his children will learn. It is a giant love letter of hope.  Some of these lessons include dreaming big, you can learn anyplace, and you are never alone. 

The Marble Women’s Ministry invites you to write a letter and share it with the blog this Advent Season. And write some letters or Christmas cards and send them via snail mail as part of our Advent letter-writing campaign. Email is no substitute for the excitement of going to the mailbox and getting a letter. 

We have an impressive number of visitors each day to our blog, so we need a post for each day of Advent, Christmas Eve, and Day. You can check out the following posts from our Lenten/Advent blog to see what this all looks like:

Blog Best Practices

  • We strive to share original work, but please ensure it is appropriately credited if you use a quote or scripture.
  • A musical addition and pictures are welcome.
  • I can accept submissions in multiple formats: Word, .doc, .mov, jpeg, and audio files. PDF version is not the best, as it can lose formatting in the transfer. 

Do you have questions?

  • Submissions should go to Marcie Doll at All letters will be considered, but the curation team will make the final decisions on posting and may need to edit. 

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  1. I love this theme. I will pray for inspiration to write a letter for it. Thank you for hosting this Advent blog, and best wishes for it to be a success.

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