Easter Monday

The first day of the week,
Of our lives,
After an Easter Sunday.
Another chance
To believe
That we have been left with all we need;
A still and maybe not so small voice within
To guide,
To be shown that we understand
Where we are to go from here.
Another chance to start over,
To be a Genesis
To co-create and steward
All that we have been given,
Too much?
Not enough?
A Goldilocks “just right”?
No hands
No feet
No words falling on our ears,
But inscribed indelibly
On our hearts
To be the hands
The feet
The words
That we know “lead us in paths of righteousness
For His Name’s sake”
For our sake
For “sake’s” sake –

    “Out of consideration for…”

    “In the interest of…”

    “To help someone.”

Or something.
Or our Earth.

                                             From Susan Ceely Philips

We hope you do not mind, but we have a few bonus posts to share after Easter. Marcie

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