One of a kind – I hope there’s more.
You can be the one and only,
but, imagine if there were four.
Four of a kind is swell in a game of poker
And if you hurry and depart that match,
you’ll be a little bit less broker.

When you consider ‘my kind’ or yours,
you can be more, or less, expansive.
Self-described communal groups
can accept or reject the romance of
being all of a similar kind
or sidestepping that moniker
and expanding your identity’s breadth
beyond such a narrow micrometer.

We know there is a kind of kind
that never calls anyone to measure,
Or sort or single out,
Creating moodiness or displeasure.
It’s the kind of kind we’re happy to see
In small moves or in grand gestures.
It’s compassionate and merciful –
The loving kind,
Just ask the Beloved Intercessor.

                                                                                    From Susan B Ceely Philips

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