All Around

Kindness is all around

It never fails to astound

People come together

We create a world of good forever

Donations and funds for good

To help the good be understood

Demolish evil and bring peace

So the love all around will never cease

-Dinah S., age 11

4 responses to “All Around”

  1. Dinah, thank you for your poem on kindness. Awesome. Kindness does create a ripple effect!!

  2. Dinah so beautiful and creative, thank you,
    I look forward to reading your future book of poems which you most likely will be writing.
    Best to you Dinah,

  3. Dinah-your words show how important it is to show kindness to every one around us always. You can touch so many people and the sharing will keep growing. You are very special.
    Love to you-Grammy

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