Out of the Dustbin

From: A Grownup’s Garden of Childlike Verse

What are we made of, made of?
You are dust, and to dust you shall return – Genesis 3:9 ESV
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust – Book of Common Prayer

Please, Power of the Good Name
if you hear my plaintive plea
scoop me out of the dust bin place
I am often found to be
and by your perfect blamelessness
and all sufficient grace
replace me in your loving realm
the only holy place                     
and if by love or burning gaze
you give me choice anew
when all is said and all is done
may I arise in you and be a smaller star   
the very dimmest being
least among the star-ash lights
of Northern Cross and Cygnus’ spread of wings   
within the cosmic beauty
of the universe you’ve made  
a woven mesh of light and dark
in mystery displayed where we are one
and all of Earth that’s come to be
is of mystic wondrous stardust spun
by thee whose beauty wild is key
to opening our hearts and minds
to see the lumen of the glowing sphere
of planet Earth your sacred art our home
while we are here
thus by your wisdom
proven deeper more than mine
O let it be that I of lowly stardust spun
become while here on beauteous Earth
a kindly light for humankind and more
awakened to the presence of the Love you are
and surely made us for

Shared by Margie Dimoplon

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