Our Easter Offering and Housing Plus

Jesus taught that “whatever you do for the least of these you do for me,” and “to whom much is given, much will be asked.”

What does this mean for us as Women of Faith?

Giving to Marble’s Easter Offering is a way to demonstrate what it means. It allows us to help those less fortunate by sharing our bounty with the “least of these.”

It is hard for some of us to imagine not having a home to go to, not having help to raise our children or to deal with mental health issues, and not having a place to turn to to help us overcome our addictions. However, a fantastic organization, supported by Marble’s Easter Offering, helps fill this void. I’m proud to say it is an organization that I serve as a member of its volunteer Board. We see incredible results!

Housing Plus’s mission is to provide community-based housing and comprehensive services to women and children to support them in overcoming poverty, homelessness, addiction, trauma, and the effects of incarceration to build lives of stability. For many years, through Housing Plus, Marble has helped hundreds of women access the resources they need to secure safe and stable housing, become self-sufficient, and have a stable home life. We hope to do what we can to help again this year.

When you go home tonight, you might think of others we have helped have a home. Housing stability provides a base from which to move forward and change one’s life. Our contributions and caring, as expressed through Marble’s Easter Offering, have significantly impacted so many women and their lives, and I, as a member of the Board, have heard many expressions of appreciation for the Marble community. The women who have benefitted feel a considerable connection to Marble.

As God said to Zechariah, 7:9, “Show mercy and compassion to one another.”

Will you prayerfully consider how you can “show mercy and compassion” and what you can do to help “the least of these” by supporting Marble’s Easter Offering? As women of faith, let’s step out in faith and experience the resulting joy.

Today is the first day of our Easter Offering, to learn more please head to the following link: https://www.marblechurch.org/give/easter-offering

Shared by Mamie McIndoe

4 responses to “Our Easter Offering and Housing Plus”

  1. Marble does such wonderful things with the Easter Offering. The Lord takes that offering and uses it beyond what anyone can think or imagine.

  2. Love in action through Marble’s Easter offering. Thanks Mamie for sharing this blog and the incredible work that Housing Plus continues to do for so many.

    • Thanks so much Sandy D for all you do!
      You have always been a champion of ghe Easter Offering.

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