Least of These

Although our world is not the best, any small steps will achieve perfectness. I really adore those who take their own time and be kind to those in need and make the neighborhood a better place. I remember watching a video and it was great that the person donated 200 dollars to a homeless man on the street. Now this is great but, what happened next was bizarre! The homeless man went out and bought a lot of food and went to a huge shelter made by homeless people and fed everyone there! The homeless man gave back to the other homeless people to be kind. After this the man came back and gave the homeless man 300 more dollars and started a fundraiser to help out the area. Kindness lurks in the corner and unexpectedly jumps out starting a chain. As that chain grows the world gets better and better to finally achieve perfectness.

Jake C., Age 12

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.

Matthew 25:40, NIV

8 responses to “Least of These”

  1. Love this story. In addition to giving sweets, I am looking for chances to burst out little acts of kindness. Carmen

  2. This is so touching. We never know what the results would be by being kind and helpful. That’s Christlike!
    Thank you for sharing, Jake.

  3. Such a fantastic story you shared, Jake. What gratitude and selfless love this humble man with so little demonstrated.

    Your compassion and enthusiasm and wonderful writing style touched me also, Jake! Well-done…and thank you!

    “Kindness lurks in the corner and unexpectedly jumps out starting a chain.”

    Let us look especially to those most in need and seek to be chain-starters right where God has placed us.

  4. Thanks, Jake! You remind me that service to those around us is important! If we don’t do what’s needed who will?

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