Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters…

Colossians 3:23

As the hot summer dragged on in Florida and as life’s challenges became overwhelming, I found this amazing art teacher on TiKTok. Andrea Nelson, an inspiring Mom and instructor convinced me and her 841K plus followers we could try to learn how to paint. And so many of my friends started to paint alongside Andrea this summer.

And also Andrea, the TIkTok Art Teacher reminded me of how much joy you could have doing something you love. She brings so much joy to the whole process.

Here is my first attempt at painting this summer….

Maybe during this last week of Advent, I am asking you to find your joy.

Marcie Doll

4 responses to “Watercolors…”

  1. That is so cool…and Bob Ross is one of my favorite people and still watch him. I know he has been gone for quite some time but his shows are so comforting.

  2. I followed “John Gnagy, a painter who gave drawing lessons on NBC-TV and CBS-TV from the late 1940’s to the mid-1950’s, died Saturday at his home in Idyllwild, Calif. He was 74 years old.”

    “Mr. Gnagy, who was self-taught, was an advertising art director in New York before offering weekly art courses on television in 1946. His NBC-TV program was called ”You Are An Artist.” He switched to CBS-TV in 1950.”

    I remember setting up an easel in the living room and trying to paint like he did. Needless to say my painting was at best paint by numbers..:):):):):)

    • Thank you so much for sharing this. I will have to see if there are any archived programs. It shows we need shows like this on TV. Oh and I am wearing my Bob Ross socks this morning…he just makes me smile.

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