The Trees of Nazareth

A Sonnet for Advent

To Luke was given the gift of mind to hear
And see, his reed pen dipped in charcoal ink
Of art to paint in words the scenes as they appear
Within our hearts as hope when at the brink 
Of deepest longing for a holy sign
That Spirit hears and sees in love and knows
Our abject need in winter’s dark of mind
For soughing wind in boughs of trees that blows.
‘Twas Nazareth where Mary prayed in thrall
Her “yes” in fear and faith and awe inspired
By fierceness of her adolescent call                    
To bear the babe of living love required.

Thus God’s First Book of Nature’s artful gift
Of beauty weds with righteousness to lift
Our hearts in hope when heard within, around
As Spirit’s voice of love’s celestial soughing sound.


4 responses to “The Trees of Nazareth

  1. This sonnet is a beautiful weaving presenting a meaningful tapestry! The trees were witnesses as the story unfolded.

  2. Margie, thank you for your deep, poetic and spiritual words here. So much to reflect upon and think about.

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