An Invitation….Advent is Coming

Each year we have a new theme and this year’s Advent Blog is inspired by the artist Gerhard Richter’s quote, “Art is the Highest form of Hope.”   As Advent is the season of hope for Christians worldwide, let us bring Richter’s quote into action.  

“Art is the Highest form of Hope.”

The Marble Women’s Ministry invites you to share your Art on our Advent Blog this year. To us, Art is any form of creative endeavor. So painting, sculpture, photography, music, dance, video, spoken word, and submission may be written word—this is all Art.   

The blog will give you exposure and a platform, as we have an impressive number of visitors each day to our blog. In addition, you will be able to share your social media, YouTube, and websites with the community.  

Here is an overview of our theme this year and the directions for sharing your art.

Thank you for considering submitting to our blog.

Advent starts in a few days and we look forward to sharing our gifts with you.

Marcie Doll, Curator of the Advent Blog

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