Thank God for all of his Blessings

First of all, I want to begin by thanking God for all his blessings. The Lord has blessed my family with more than we could ever have imagined. 

My family became a member of Marble Collegiate Church in 2018. From the moment we walked into the sanctuary we knew deep down in our hearts that we were in the right place. We were greeted and welcome with open arms. The genuine love of the congregation awakened in us a great desire to unite and praise the Lord. Marble’s love and care demeanor has been and is without any doubt beyond compared. 

As we celebrate Gratitude Sunday I’d like to  share with you how grateful and honored my family is to be a part of this wonderful and inclusive congregation. Our faith has been growing and getting stronger thanks to your teachings. Our minds have evolved thanks to your guidance. How we help and give to our neighbors have been shaped by Marble’s generosity and constant efforts to help ALL in the community at large. 

Also, my family wants to give a special thanks to Dr. Michael Boss for being so kind, sweet, loving and caring towards my miracle daughter Ashley. 

Thank you is not enough and will never fully describe the immense gratitude my family has for Marble. 


Yolanda, Ashley & Julio Escolastico 

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