In Gratitude

I am thankful for the guidance and encouragement I have received from the ministers, staff and fellow congregants at Marble. Everyone is invited to not just attend worship service, but to actively participate in the ministry of the church which I have done. I have found that by participating, it has help me to find the God’s purpose for my life.

By participating in hospitality, I have ushered during Sunday services as well as during special events. Ushering is not just seating people and walking away, but being relational with people, welcoming them and assuring them that they belong here in the house of God.  

By being a Stephen Leader within the Stephen Ministry, I help to provide Christian care giving to those who may feel lost during troubling times in their lives.  It costs nothing but time to be able to listen to someone give comforting support. This structured ministry also builds relations with the church by reinforcing God’s love and purpose in our lives.

These are examples of the building blocks that I have gotten in Marble that has helped give clarity and purpose to my life these past 13 years. The doors of Marble have led me to the RCA denomination with a yearning to understand the foundation of our church.

It has taken me to witness missionaries at work in Italy and Israel and do mission work in St. Thomas, VI. These experiences offered an invitation to build upon my career in social services to Christian caregiving in seminary where I am completing a degree in pastoral care and counselling.

Without Marble, I doubt I would have ever clearly seen the purpose and path that God has intended for me to take, and for that, I will forever be most grateful. 

Blessings and Peace,

Pat Johnson

This is the altar of Marble Collegiate Church on Easter Sunday.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story with us. It is moving, inspiring and motivating for all of us to jump in and get involved and use the gifts God has given each of us. You are doing that boldly and beautifully.

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