My Gratitude Statement

Music nourishes my soul. Music was my first love. Music is why I first came to Marble. I belonged to another congregation, sang in the choir there, but at Christmas and Easter I came to the early service at Marble to be bathed in such exquisite harmonies from the choir and musicians. I now sing in the gospel choir at Marble.

My soul is fed and blessed by the music ministry at Marble.

I am so grateful to find the best bible study opportunities at Marble that I’ve ever known. I tried many bible study groups, always disappointed. Why did I even try?

That was before I met Sister Carol, the bible scholar at Marble. I became a fan. This was my first anchor to Marble. She gave me so much with her bible study. Then came Barbara Crafton continuing the 10 o’clock tradition of excellence. Having a couple of years studying with Anthony Weisman has been life changing. Continuing with the brilliant leadership of Charles Gourgey, I have grown so much in my understanding and appreciation of The Bible.

Praise God for Marble. I have found community at Marble. It’s beginning to feel like home.

Bo Walker 

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  1. I so respect your engagement with Bible study, Bo. It truly is God’s living word for us today, right now, in the present moment. Hope to see you at the Psalms study this month!

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