Love and Friendship

Pyaar dosti hai,
Loosely translated from Hindi,
“Love is friendship,”
As I walk along a path through Myrtle Edwards Park,
I joyfully absorb the bright sunshine,
Which warms my skin,
Glimmers on the Puget Sound,
And glistens on the snow of the Olympic mountains,
Other pedestrians, joggers, skate boarders, and bicyclists,
Imagine I am on a solitary walk,
Unseen to all though,
I am thoughtfully communing with Jesus,
One who loves me,
Understands my prayers,
Calms my fears,
And talks to me,
Chasing away anxiety,
Clearing my mind of worry,
And filling my heart with hope,
For this is Jesus,
Love and friendship.

By Tusi Elvi

One response to “Love and Friendship”

  1. Tusi, how beautiful to imagine this walk with Jesus our constant friend. Soothing and trusting God is forever present. Thank you and Blessings.

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