Walking with my Friend in the Courtyard 

Dear Friend, I do not ask how you are
for maybe you do not know.
Myself? Not so well – my friends are slow-passing
one way or another to somewhere far too far.

This morning I go to church at eleven for eulogy
and hymns – not many goodbyes
are now held in a place that gives space
to an organ with pipes breathing an air of beauty.

Friend, do you not think we should have music sublime
to accompany our mindful and mindless comings and goings?
Few, if any, words are essential – just a Bachian Air
passing as prayer into the divine of silence.

Thus, let us partake of the spirit of Bach – a beauty that flows
on its own – as breath flows in our bodies our cells
to quiet the disquieting torrent of selves ever longing
for the celestial everywhere e’en beyond repose.

[Note: The Courtyard – The Alzheimer Unit at Friends Village]

Shared by a Friend of Marble Women’s Lenten Blog

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