A Prayer Walk

“Therefore, when you decide to undertake this work of prayer and feel by grace that you are called by God, lift up your heart to God with a meek stirring of Love.”
– Cloud of Unknowing

This week’s focused walk is a Prayer Walk in your community, where you say a prayer for all the people, places, and even the pets you pass on your walk. Praying for others while you walk may be a new concept for you. It takes prayer out of your home or church, where you traditionally pray out to where the prayers are needed. 

  1. Plan your journey and remember it should not be a very long walk.
  2. Start your walk out with a favorite prayer. You will be spreading God’s love to your community on your walk. Remember all that you pass will feel God’s love but will not know you are praying for them. 
  3. God will open your eyes to your community and its needs on this walk. Let God speak to you. 
  4. Pray for good health, protection, creativity, hope, transformation, abundance, inspiration, long life, etc..…for the people you pass.
  5. Pray for the places you pass. For example, your journey may pass a soup kitchen or food bank, and you may bless the food and that it meets the needs of the people who are served. Or when you pass a school, pray for learning and the teachers and students. Or a shopkeeper or restaurant owner for abundance. 
  6. Reflect or journal on the prayer walk at the end of your journey. Jot down some thoughts that come to mind. For example, how did the prayer walk make you feel about your community? Did you see any needs in the community? What inspired you on your prayer walk?    

As a side note, this walk can also be done with another person, where you share some of the prayers you said on the walk.   

Take your prayer out into your community and let your community inspire you.

Shared by Marcie Doll

Hoping that while you do a Prayer Walk, you wake up on the wonders and needs of your community.

4 responses to “A Prayer Walk”

  1. Years ago I got a phone call letting me know a job I expected to get wasn’t happening. It was a beautiful day so I decided to take our dog, Happy, for a lengthy walk which was not something I did too often. During that time I prayed (aka talked with God and listened). That began my prayer walks…..Whether outdoors or on a treadmill or on the sidewalks of NYC, those two activities seemed to go together perfectly for me….Unfortunately, right now I’m unable to say that I’ve been consistent for various reasons, but maybe today’s reading will give me a jumpstart!

  2. I always quietly say a prayer for safety for delivery persons and anyone on bikes on the streets of New York. I will expand my prayers to stores, schools, and people I meet. Thanks for the idea, Marcie!

  3. Thanks Marcie. God listens to us even during simple short walks. I do so when I take my walks along the East River. I also pray quietly for those I journey with on subways or buses. I believe this act, too, is a walk with God.

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