Bless our Four-Cornered Circle

Since 2020, we have worshiped, worked prayed, and played in tiny tiles, 24 to a four-cornered screen. Still a circle of friends, walking through the seasons of earth, church and life: Lents, Easters, Advents, Christmases–even a pancake supper though we had to supply our own sizzle.

To me, most important in the four-corner format was and is Prayer Circle. Whether the circumference is larger or small, it remains open to all willing hearts.

This Lent sees the pandemic lessening, softening the edges of the world in need for screens. Still, the walk to Calvary includes the sharpest corners of the Cross–but then the church blooms with Easter! We come full circle with the Risen Lord!

Bless our four-cornered circle that keeps us in community until we can safely join hands again with friends old and new.

It is He who sits above the circle of the earth…
Isaiah 40:22

Shared by Jean Thomas

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  1. Yes! Thank you for our four cornered circles that has been allowing us to still be in community with each other!

  2. The photo isn’t the Prayer Circle. Not sure what it is but definitely not the 10 am Sunday gathering.

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