Where are you going my friend?

Where are you going, my friend?
Can I walk along side of you?
What is your story?
I think I know,
But you tell me.
It’s yours to tell.
I think I’ve been where you’ve been.
Was your childhood complicated?
Mine was.
Have you faced challenges in being and feeling heard?
I have.
Have you felt the need to retreat to what can feel like a wilderness to discern your voice
And to discover solace?
I have.
Have you shared stories of your personal experiences or of those teachers from your past to explain what you mean to convey?
Yes? Me, too!
Have you been misunderstood again and again, distraught as to where to turn next?
I have, too.
Have you undergone immense pain, heartache, suffering?
Sadly, I have, also.
But, I do hope and pray often that you’ve found comfort, compassion, and care
As I have
In the Love
That surrounds you.
We do have to pay attention and seek to see it sometimes, right?
But it’s there.
Trust Me on this.
And, I hope you do remember that,
If ever you need a friend,
I’m very glad to be that for you
And take a walk.

By Susan Ceely Phillips

4 responses to “Where are you going my friend?”

  1. I read this poem out loud to myself.
    It was conversation between Jesus and myself reassuring me I will never be alone.
    Praise and thank you, God!
    Thank you, Susan, my dear friend.

  2. Your poem offers so much empathy, acceptance, understanding, and comfort. It’s beautiful.

  3. I love your poem, and loved it even more when I got to the end and saw that you wrote it! I’m ready to take that walk. The Ramble awaits us!

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