Welcome to Lent

On Ash Wednesday

My friend became one with God
And let go of my hand.

On Ash Wednesday.
Her groans ended.
Mine began.

On Ash Wednesday.
Tears trickle down my cheek
As I sit silently in the back pew.

On Ash Wednesday.
The echo this day’s ministry
Wafts over me, but can’t break through.

On Ash Wednesday.
Remnants of “hallelujah” palms
Wait patiently in a sacred vessel.

On Ash Wednesday.
The solemnity of the music
Hovers over the procession.

On Ash Wednesday.
Locking eyes with the beloved giver
I receive the cindered remains of a cross.

On Ash Wednesday.
In my retreat to solitude
My ashes become one with Sara’s,
As dust to dust becomes a reality.

Sara’s garden… 

Shared by Susan Ceely Phillips

6 responses to “Welcome to Lent”

  1. What a tribute this is to memorialize your friend. This poem tugs at the heart of anyone who lost someone so dear.

  2. So very beautiful and meaningful, Susan. What a tribute to your friend who is now part of the great company of saints. Sending love and light and life to you ✨.

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