Winter Arrives

We have entered the season of short days, and long dark nights.  Dark nights can be hard.  But they can also be good.  I used to really dislike the darkness until I came upon the saying,  “it is better to light a candle, than to curse the darkness”.  It’s so true.  Curling up with a cozy blanket, and watching the light from a few burning candles can relax and soothe me when it’s cold and dark.

Dark mornings also allow me to see the first glimpse of the sun; a promise of good things to come.  When the sun begins to peek its head over the horizon it gives me hope of a beautiful day, new beginnings, and fresh outlooks. 

It’s been a really tough 19 months and we all feel a little like a bulb that has been stepped on and squished into the cold, dark soil; but soon that bulb will push it’s head through that soil and begin to bloom.  And, so will we!

Shared by Tena Bos

Published by marblewomen A group of women from Marble Collegiate Church who come together to be inspired and nurtured in our spiritual growth and to be supported through the challenges of life. Our activities include spiritually-oriented programs, small groups, community involvement, social and recreational events and our annual retreat.

3 thoughts on “Winter Arrives

  1. Thank you for this morning’s meditation. Revisiting Barbara Brown Taylor’s book, Learning to Walk in the Darkness, seems a good idea for the weeks ahead.

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